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circondario Circondario Empolese Valdelsa
P.zza della Vittoria 54 – Empoli (IT)
Phone: +39 0571 980311 – Fax: 0571/9803333
Web site:
Contact person: Paolo Bruschi
Circondario Empolesa Valdelsa, established by the Regional Law n. 38/1997 as public local government in the south-western part of the Provincia di Firenze, gathers 11 Municipalities and carries out sub-disctrict and over-municipality functions, such as environment policy, town planning, labour and VET policy, public transportation, culture and education, agriculture, fisheries and tourism. The 11 Municipality Mayors form the Circondario government and the members of its Council are appointed by each single Municipality Council.
The area extends for about 730 square kms, with more than 160,000 inhabitants living in. Empoli is its main city, with the Mayor of Empoli being the President of Circondario.

prato Provincia di Prato – Servizio Orientamento e Lavoro
Piazza del Duomo, 8 – 59100 Prato (PO)
Phone: +39 0574 5341
Web site:
Contact person: Giancarlo Carboncini
The provincial government is a territorial administrative unit, and its main task is treating the interests of the local community, promoting and coordinating its development. The provincial functions are the exploitation and the protection of the environment and the territory, the infrastructures, the development of the economic and productive system, the services to the community like vocational training and employment services.
The provincial government carries out its commissions by planning, controlling, technically supporting and evaluating integrated formative activities, financed with UE, governmental and regional funds.
These activities, performed by formative agencies, by firms, by public and private organisms, are targeted to specific subjects, with the aim of helping them insert themselves in the job market or to undertake ways of updating and retraining in order to improve and sustain their job skills.
Following the reform of the employment law, the Province of Prato created an integrated provincial system of employment services, supported by eleven agencies throughout the territory with the involvement of the municipalities and the economic and social forces, in order to reach the objective of increasing the jobs rates and to promote the quality and the stability of occupations in the territory, by paying attention to the firms needs and the aspirations of the employees.

asev_logo_small Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa Spa
Via delle Fiascaie, 12 – Empoli (IT)
Phone: +39 0571 76650
Web site:
Contact person: Tiziano Cini
ASEV is carrying on , as lead partner, a project called “Tuscany centre for the development of new materials and innovative technologies” financed by the Regional Authority. The project aims to create an experimental laboratory specialized in high technology which will carry on applied research to support several different kinds of production, and which will allow a real integration of know how in order to:
– Create new materials
– Apply, in a molecular form, the new material to the following industrial sectors: plastic and rubber; building, agroindustrial, biomedical, wood, water depuration, textile.
The centre will act as a connector for needs and experiences in order to improve the quality of products and to innovate them, so to develop areas of knowledge and of technologic excellence to relaunch the traditional sectors and to support the newer and more innovative ones.

Via Galcianese, 20/F – 59100 Prato (PO)
Phone: +39 0574 613229
Web site:
Contact person: Michele Del Campo
FIL is joint stock company whose members are: Province of Prato, Municipality of Vaiano, Montemurlo and Prato. FIL spa has a key role in the market for active employment policies in the Province of Prato and is active in professional training, in matching work’s demand/offer by contacting workers and businesses. In addition, FIL spa provides information on vocational training opportunities in the territory, conduct orientation and professional integration through promotion ( for example apprenticeships), promotes the employment of disadvantaged people, is active in counseling for teens on the law-duty about school/ training or for unemployed who want to build their own professional project

pin PIN S.c.r.l. – Ufficio Ricerca
Piazza Giovanni Ciardi 25 – 59100 Prato (PO)
Phone:      +39 0574 602527
Web site:
Contact person:
PIN S.c.r.l. Educational and Scientific Services for the University of Florence, is a non-profit organization with majority public share. Main shareholders are the University of Florence, the Municipality of Prato, the local Chamber of Commerce, the Province of Prato, main Entrepreneurial Associations and other private and public bodies of the local area.
The Centre intends to be as an innovative instrument of contact between University and Society; it aims at facilitating a tighter and more participated relationship to the territory, and wants to become a primary support to the University training in advanced sectors.

UIP Unione Industriale Pratese Servizi srl
Via Valentini 14 – 59100 Prato (PO)
Phone:     +39 0574 4551  – Fax: +39 0574 455288
Web site:
Contact person: Monica Mariotti –
E-mail: oppure
Unione Industriale Pratese Servizi srl è una società costituita allo scopo di concentrare in sé le attività di servizio evolute e specialistiche promosse dall’associazione ad integrazione della consulenza di base fornita a tutti i soci.
L’attività dell’Unione Industriale Pratese Servizi integra ed arricchisce i servizi di base forniti dall’associazione nei seguenti campi: Ambiente e Sicurezza, Amministrazione del personale, Internazionalizzazione e Finanza, Formazione. La società è anche Agenzia Formativa accreditata presso la Regione Toscana.

Sophia Sophia
Via Zarini, 350/b 59100 Prato (PO)
Phone:     +39 0574 5784  – Fax: +39 0574 581211
Web site:
Contact person:
Sophia is a consortium founded in 2002 owned by associations representing SME in the province of Prato, Pistoia and Tuscany: aims to promote the upgrade and qualification of the enterprise and its management. Sophia managed over 200 actions and projects financed by the FSE some as a leader and some as partner. Possesses the skills of the typical training for the proper management of the project and funding (planning, coordination, mentoring and accountability), and has internal expertise in the identification of training needs of SME.

linea LINEA Laboratory
Via Filicaia 37/8 – 59100 Prato (PO)
Phone:     +39 0574 831226
Web site:
Contact person: Ennio A. Carnevale
The LINEA Laboratory was created in order to do research in the fields related to renewable energy and environmental friendly systems. It is powered by researcher and professors from the Department of Energy Engineering of the University of Florence, with the aim of developing innovative projects to promote the use of renewable energy sources and systems with low environmental impact. The laboratory is coordinated by Prof. Ennio. A. Carnevale (Full Professor) and counts several researchers (assistant professors and Ph. D. Students). All the activities developed by the laboratory are generally approached from both a numerical and experimental point of view. Several commercial and home-made codes are used to support the experimental activities developed both at the laboratory or by external destination. Beside scientific research, the lab staff carries out activities of support and education in partnership with many subjects interested in having a role in the renewable energy industry.

USL USL 11 – Centro Direzionale – Segreteria
Via Dei Cappuccini, 79 – 50053 Empoli (FI)
Phone: +39 0571 702948-44-51
Web site:
Contact person: Maria Grazia Petronio
The Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale in Empoli is a company with a public legal status and a self-government entrepreneurial business, named “Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale 11 Empoli”.
The main activities concern public utilities of health protection and health promotion, which is achieved by managing and developing an integrated network of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of medical services and a network of social services in hospitals, day hospital and private homes.
The company carries on its functions securing universal access to the health services, by respecting human dignity, health rights, appropriate and effective treatments and privacy.
A partnership with local municipalities is realized in order to elaborate the appropriate tools for local health planning, to define and update the contents of the local action plan and its zone and district divisions. Further, the company pursues professional training in the health, and social sectors and pursues professional training to employees and other related personnel, also of other organizations, associations and entities.

Istituto Superiore “Ferraris- Brunelleschi”
Via Raffaello Sanzio, 187 – 50053 Empoli (FI)
Phone:     +39 0571 81041
Web site:
Contact person:

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