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Some examples of projects

ASEV has been involved in several international projects. At the moment it manages the following projects:

  • PRESTO Peer Related Education Supporting Tool (Comenius Multilateral, 2008-2010), Coordinator. The Project aims to improve learning to learn in students through peer education.
  • PSS Promoting Social Skills Amongst Students (Comenius Multilateral, 2009-2011), Coordinator. The Project aims to improve social skills in students.
  • WBS Web Based Jobsearch Support (KA3, 2010-2011), Coordinator. The Project aims to develop a methodology based on social networking to deliver career guidance at a distance to adults unemployed.
  • SAFESEX (Health Call, 2010-2012), Partner.  The Project aims to  improve sex education through peer education.
  • CIVICO (Comenius Multilateral, 2011-2012), Coordinator. The Project aims to improve civic skills in students.
  • L-PACK (KA2, 2011-2013), Coordinator. The Project aims to develop, publish online, provide free access and disseminate a pack of colloquial language learning exercises, addressed to adult migrants starting from CEFL’s level A2
  • IMPROVE (Grundtvig Multilateral, 2011-2012). The Project aims to improve validation of competence of career guidance practitioners by applying CEDEFOP Guidelines for validating not formal and informal learning.
  • MtN Meet the Need. (GRUNDTVIG, 2011-2012), Partner. The Project aims to develop specific vocation related L2 language teaching material addressed to migrants.
  • TACTICS Lifelong Game (GRUNDTVIG, 2011-2013), Partner. The Project aims to collect still known games (memories of childhood) within various cultures & cultural backgrounds and to produce a GAMEBOX (all collected, selected and tested games in a box).
  • BEQUAL+ (Transfer of innovation, LEONARDO DA VINCI, 2011-2013), Partner. The Project aims to transfer, adapt and pilot the benchmarking tool for quality assurance in vocational education and training, expanding the Community of Practice in the field of quality assurance in VET and enhancing the thematic portal with new language versions and new content.
  • LARGE  Learning Augmented Reality Global Environment (KA3 ICT, 2011-2013), Partner. The aim of the Project is to build a platform and an integrated content-development tool for the creation of augmented reality educational and training contents, giving the opportunity to the educational institutions at all levels to benefit from the undoubted advantages of this revolutionary technology.

  • DAISS  Job Matching Diagnostics for Assesting Soft Skills and Work Role Preferences (Leonardo Da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation 2011-2013). Partner. The project aims to adapt and transfer an innovative diagnostic tool that integrates the assessment of adults "soft skills, learning and work style preferences, then matches these to employers" work opportunities.

  • AM  Appearance Matters – optimising the outcomes for vocational guidance counselling and vocational training, (LEONARDO DA VINCI, 2012-2014), Partner. The Project aims to develop training, supported by a wide range of materials, for new or existing vocational guidance counsellors and vocational trainers to enable them to understand and recognize the causes and consequences of disfigurement and/or appearance dissatisfaction in their clients and of the stigma and/or discrimination faced by these individuals.

  • LIME  Languages in Media (KA2 Multilateral Projects, 2012-2015), Partner.The Project aims to identify strategies to help adult language learners and also those who deal with the integration of adults into society to understand the language in context and how the language of the media can help learners develop an understanding of cultural awareness which will lead to better integration. The Project intends to develop a virtual learning platform where resources, tools, exercises, unites of work which use a variety of media tools can be used by educators and learners.

  • ETM The European Technology Transfer Manager (526817-LLP-1-2012-1-IT-LEONARDO-LMP) The project will develop and made known in Europe the occupational profile of the  European Technology Transfer Manager.
  • L-PACK 2 Language Pack For Migrants in Europe Extended I (543248-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-KA2-KA2MP). The project  will produce  materials to teach several EU languages as L2 to migrants.
  • RETOUR Russian for Tourism I (543384-LLP-1-2013-1-IT-KA2-KA2MP) The project will develop a training course in Russian addressed to workers in the HORECA sector.
  • MOBNET Mobility and Networking among Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia to foster youth employment (ENPI/2013/326-733). The project aims to establish a network of intermediary organisations in France, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia able to engage in mobility programs aiming at including young new and would-be entrepreneurs in the local job markets, with a focus on social business, by fostering entrepreneurship competences and networking.
  • WBS Web Based Jobsearch Support (504861-2009-LLP-IT-KA3-KA3MP). The project produced a website to support job seekers.
  • PLATO Learning Networks – From the North to the South of Europe(LdV TOI) The project promotes peer to peer sessions between entrepreneurs.
  • InnoSee Seeding Innovation: Training for Research-driven Clusters (518703-LLP-1-2011-BG-LEONARDO-LM). The objective of the InnoSee project is the exploitation of the Competence framework and Curriculum on research-driven clusters training. Programma LdV Transfer of Innovation 2011.
  • TLCPACK Teaching Language to Caregivers – PACK. The project  will produce  materials to teach several EU languages as L2 to migrants caregivers.
  • SciFiEd Science Fiction in Education. The project will incorporate Science Fiction in science teaching.
  • DAISS 2 Diagnostics for Enterprise Soft Skills. The project aims to transfer into the Italian language a psychometric test to evaluate the entrepreneur skills.
  • DLA Digital Local Agenda. Development of a common methodology for the implementation of Digital Local Agenda and its impact on regional digital policies.
  • IMAGINE Innovation for a “Made Green IN Europe”. The IMAGINE project’s objectives are relevant to diffuse the environmental innovation for the organizations operating in various phases of the fashion supply chain.
  • INNOHU Innovative materials and sensors design for relative humidity monitoring in harsh operative conditions. The Innohu project main objective is the application of nanomaterials to improve capacity and functionalities of humidity sensors also in hard working and environment conditions.
  • NANO4M Nanotechnologies for Market. The project aims to improve strategies and to build networks to foster the application of nanotechnology in the European market.
  • REINICIAL Transfer of Reinicial Project. The aim of the project is to transfer  and develop a methodology to reinsert over fifty unemployed people into labour market in order to give them consultancy and support  based on their specific needs to give them back resilient skills.

All the Projects have been funded by the European Commission. Read more


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