Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa Spa was born on 2001 thanks to an agreement among
26 founders with a mixed public private capital. Its purposes are: organising professional training, and planning new strategies for economic, cultural, social and tourist local development.

The company composed by
• The eleven municipalities of Empolese Valdelsa round-up: Empoli, Castelfiorentino, Cerreto Guidi, Certaldo,
Fucecchio, Gambassi Terme, Montaione, Montelupo Fiorentino, Montespertoli, Vinci (60% of shares).
• Chamber of Commerce of Florence (25% of shares)
• 14 trade unions and associations (15% of shares).

  • Planning and management of activities connected with the economic development of the area, included activities of urban development and all those activities related with the innovation and the sustainable development
  • Planning, managing and carrying on of vocational training courses for people, enterprises, associations, public or private bodies
  • Planning, organization and management of the activities of school and professional guidance
  • Planning and management of project within programmes and initiatives, local,
    regional, national or European
  • Planning, management and organization of services for employment and for works
    active politics
  • Management of course and activities related with university education
  • Promotion, planning and management activities in tourist ambit to enhance the cultural, historical environmental patrimony of the Circondario

As regards the area of training and job, Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa accomplishes:

  • Vocational Training courses for young people looking for a job.
  • Refresher courses for enterprises and workers
  • Training for public officers.
  • Training for people serving apprenticeship.
  • Training for young people attending formative duty.
  • High technical training for graduates in collaboration with Universities, colleges and firms.
  • Training for migrants citizens, together with the Circondario Empolese Valdelsa municipalities and Empolese Valdelsa Intercultural Centre.
  • Advice concerning services supplied by employment offices.

The main ASEV’s purpose is to train young people and adults on job, through an ultimate way toward human and personal growth as well as technical and vocational. Lessons are strongly based on practical activities, by using
training – work rotation method.
A mixed course of study wherein participants alternate lessons, laboratory activities and traineeship agency.

  • Basic vocational training, higher level, steady, permanent.
  • Careers guidance
  • Self – employment (women’s and youth)
  • Traineeship
  • Local government employees training
  • Enterprises guidance
  • Adults education

With over 10 years of training experience, ASEV always maintained a placement close to 70%, within six months to the conclusion of training course.
This positive result has been achieved thanks to the enterprises contribution which every year provide suggestions about job titles to train up.
Courses effectiveness and specific technical – vocational competences transfer to young people who attend ASEV courses allow a better involvement within work context where they are called for.
ASEV is a training centre recognized by Regione Toscana and it is also certified ISO 9001:2000.

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To make concreteness of own mission ASEV has been conducting a connection role between supply and demand of innovation, service and research, by setting up itself as a pivot amongst local enterprises and innovation centres in Tuscany.
It has been fostering know-how exchanges with close territories already equipped of hubs to support innovation demand by the side of enterprises.
In recent years ASEV has interpreted several specific demands of economics network by promoting and developing projects aimed to strategic replacements of productive network area.
It has undertaken an active role in planning and management phases on projects realization concerning research and innovation of manufacturing enterprises.
ASEV mission is also to promote technical scientific innovation of local productive network. For this reason various innovative projects have been carrying out in collaboration with several important local enterprises.

ASEV leads and manages NANOXM ( the Regional Innovation Pole for Nanotechnologies recently instituted under the initiative of the Regional Authority which links all Tuscany research centers and
laboratories operating in different branches of nanotechnologies.
A growing number of more than 70 enterprises working with or willing to invest in nanotechnologies for improving own processes and products have already joined to NANOXM.
ASEV finally is also member of the management board of the Regional Innovation Pole for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.